Over 2000 paintings and prints starting from 1000/= for prints and 5,000/= for paintings!

When? Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd December 2017 10am – 6pm
Where? 56, Kibo Lane, Karen, Nairobi

Important: Please confirm your attendance by email or phone 0722 528931 for security clearance.

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We often wonder what art can do for people. I would say that art humanises society. It brings the reminder that we are more than physical bodies. We have a spirit that needs to be fed and stimulated. Visual art, music, sculpture, drama, and so on keep elevating us and opening doors to more than ourselves.

Geraldine RobartsOctober 2016

My work is very intuitive so the type of images I am drawn to are equally intuitive. I believe that there are certain things in life that one can feel more attracted to but I really don’t believe in judgement. I think trust and relationships are most important.

Geraldine RobartsOctober 2016

Watch a short video from my recent exhibition in Nairobi: